All the hearings have done nothing. Johnson needs to lead the charge to with from WHO. It’s all talk and no action.

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What should really blow your mind is that we have over 3,000 useless County Sheriff's that can't see that something very sinister is a foot.

They can see your plates are expired but they fail to see national genocide.

Do you think that the Federal bribe money and toys have anything to do with this?

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Josh Stirling said something more shocking than 600,000 estimated to be dying from the C19 bio-weapon every year...

He said that those who only received ONE injection, had a reaction, and didn't go back for more injections - are at a 145% increased risk of dying.

This is huge. Why is this happening? What was in the boosters that makes the boosted folks have a LOWER mortality rate, than someone who got LESS poison injected into their bodies? We were told the boosters were mostly graphene oxide (which is lethal to humans)...

Check out Dr. Mihalcae's latest microscopic find (starting at 28:00):


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You can only get so stupid before you start earning Darwin awards.....

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Murderers Incorporated!!!

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