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Would you eat a meal the cook won't eat?


So why would anyone with half a Braincell even consider flying in a plane without a Pilot?

ESPECIALLY when we know that it can be manipulated at will to crash?

Just like self Driving Cars.

Which have a software installed by the Israeli Government Unit 8200 company Argus Cyber Sec.

Every car can be crashed by Unit 8200 within 30 sec.

Especially self driving cars... and same is for planes.


What is more... by Law a self flying plane or a self driving car become a member of the Flying / driving community.

As such every one of these "Devices" must have a driving / flying licence.

That is a legal conundrum.

Every one of those is virtually liable for flying / driving without a licence.

Furthermore I resent all this Bullshit when my very own Technology. the first by the way to actively achieve theoretical faster than light speed isn't even mentioned or considered anywhere.

Yet the Hyperloop by Elon Schmuck which is a Nothing Burger actually copied my brilliand Technology and made a farce out of it.

Fuck you Elon Schmuck.


The Hyperloop is my Invention.


Fuck self flying Airplanes.

Fuck EV's

Fuck self Driving Cars.

And fuck the ignorant.

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Yep. I would love to drive in a self driving car but until it is open source and manufactured by someone that isn't Google/Tesla/MS/etc. I don't trust them either! I cover Talpiot Unit 8200 here: https://artofliberty.substack.com/p/who-runs-the-world-organized-crimes

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Great Article...

Unfortunately i don't have money to subscribe...

I don't want to drive in a self driving car... why would anyone?

Takes all the fun out.

And anyway we have it already... it is called a Taxi.

And given the opportunity I would change the face of the earth with my technology.

Everything would run on Hydrogen from water and there would be no pollution whatsoever... free of charge.

Maybe you can help getting my story out?

They have reduced my life... destroyed you may say... exactly like they destroyed Nikola Tesla.

But I use my substack to get the message out.

Writing and using my intelligence is all that I can do... but the pen is the sharpest weapon.

Maybe you can help?


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Hey, I tried to gift you a six-month subscription but notice you're not subscribe (yet).

If you're interested, please subscribe or send me your Substack email to info@artofliberty.org

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Can’t wait. I’ll be purchasing or building my own. Now if only people would get it out of their brainwashed skull that electric energy must be purchased, and for profit, and come from burning another fuel, we’d almost be free to move about without all the bullshit controls of money-junkies impeding human progress.

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Lol!!! Might be safer for some people 🤣 bunch of crazy drivers lately.

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