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This is the best summary I have ever seen of how the destruction of the poor and middle class is being meticulouly planned by the billionaire banking government military industrial complex. I second every word, you are spot on the money! Great Work.

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I wish these article-writers read the story of the federal reserve even a little. (James Corbett knows nothing about the story of the federal reserve, he merely regurgitated the ignorance-based flummery spread by Griffin and Ellen Brown)

The federal reserve was/is nothing more than the re-organization and adjustment of the National currency Bank System given to U.S. by Abraham Lincoln. (Mr. Vanderlip, representing the largest banking group in the U.S., stated in 1913, they really don't care who owns the central bank, as long as there is one. Nicholas Biddle wrote the same thing in 1832) The federal reserve is owned by the 2,900 member banks. Every one of those 2,900 banks is a publicly traded company. On average, 50% of the shares of banks are held by pension funds !! A good portion of your old age welfare cheque comes from profits of federal reserve member/owner banks. The rest of your old age welfare cheque comes from government bonds and wall street speculation.

Banks have always been free to print money. Printing money (issuing credit) IS the sole reason for organizing money corporations.

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I love it when I see that 2011 Swiss PLOS study being cited... I have pushed that since it first appeared.

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