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A very good article, but it made me cry. I had a good friend,, we had been friends since I was 19 and she was 22. She died at 84- of "covid" - on November 25, 2020, no doubt one of the victims, casually, facelessly, mandated by The Men Who Think They're Gods and their obedient puppets. We were both born into a world ravaged by nazism, backed, supported and funded by American industrialists. I am heartbroken that she was killed by the power now possessed by the descendants, many biologically, others latecomers, to the hateful, hate-filled fascist rhetoric. Unless there's a magic potion that will wake people up, I one way or another face the same, leaving behind a world imprisoned by fascism. I fear a future for the planet and all who reside here shaped by twisted, evil persons (or whatever), creating a Frankensteinian world until it collapses -hopefully on top of them.

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