It is true that the network news outlets do write Obits years before they are needed. The dead pool is real too. Seen them. What isn't real is Moloch. The ARCHONS invented Moloch for the materialists to worship and perform their blood sacrifice rituals for it.

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And Marjorie Taylor Greene supposedly submitted five Articles of Impeachment (Biden, Mayorkas, Garland, Graves, and Wray). Her office e-mailed them to her base (so I have the unsigned draft documents archived).

I went back to her staff three different ways plus two phone calls - to request that her office send out the compoleted and submitted articles of impeachment - but nobody there can remember sending out the drafts or that the documents they sent weren't completed.

And there's the not so small problem that MTG won't talk about the C19 bioweapon or how to stop it...

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