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I think you find this goes way, way deeper than you care to want.

This is how nations were build.

By the same people: Freemasons.

That comes from the Babylonian Talmud the Tower and Genisis 11:7

"Let us go down and diffuse their Language".

This was not and instant but rather is an ongoing process instigated by the very same people to the very same day, the wars in Israel Ukraine Trans Agenda BLM Antifa Covid...

They keep us apart only to unite us under slavery... to accept their rules.

And that will be: "We have all the power and you will own nothing".

The Great Reset really is WW3.

When Klaus Schwab called for a great reset with his magick wand waving...WW3

Because Klaus Schwab called upon his people to prepare for Armageddon and unleash their plan WW3.

The Great Reset is WW3

One must accept that the proof of extraterrestrial life lies deep hidden with little to show.

But Genisis 11:7 is that proof.

Ever since we have this 2 class system society... and within this truth lies the reason and the way to solve it.


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