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Yep... But there is a culture of corruption in Washington DC.. They are all in on it together at some level.. all living off money stolen from others at the point of a gun

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The "District of Criminals" is nothing more than organized crime families that rob from all of us no matter who sits in the Whitehouse. USA Inc. is a corporation and we are all chattel or human resources to the criminals.

In regards to the Paris Climate Accord I was pleased that DJT pulled out of that robbery of the tax chattel. Furthermore anyone who seriously talks about climate change and doesn't include geoengineering and weather modification is full of crap. That all goes back to The Club of Rome if not previous to that.

However anything DJT did that was positive was all negated when launched the death shots with the military and the pharmaceutical criminal enterprise. The further destruction of the middle class and small business in the greatest transfer of wealth in history. I will also include Space Force in there too, another way to rob us chattel and build more weaponry to kill us all with.

They're all GRIFTER'S and tools of the banking elite and Black Nobility who have us all in their sites for extermination and or slaves.

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