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Wow, EtienneSquared, you are always reaching out to the dangerous limits of our little world.

There are so many people now who hate Malone.

I admire your courage fro citing this article.

Speaking about political philosophies, but on the incoherent side: progressives, fascists and communists seem very incoherent, but they are making a killing (literally and metaphorically.)

Yet, those of us who see classical liberalism as internally coherent, have to admit that it is not working out well. It's basically non-existent today. And in many countries, those who argue from a classical liberal persepctive often practice fascistic and socialdemocratic (communist) tactics.

Technology seems to promote authoritarianism, not freedom or personal responsibility or anything like that.

And it's not only about the virus theme. I don't hear classical liberals arguing against the banking monopoly, much less against war. And it is common among classical liberals to buy into the obsessions about education from the socialists. Libertarians are another species altogether!

I conclude that we live in times designed to be deeply irrational. Classical liberals are also affected by this situation.

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