Is it Murder? Is it Premeditated?

A question from my interview with Steve Kirsh, VSFR

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I think the AMA monopoly doctors are victims of Premediated Ignorance - Premediated Ignorance is the quality or condition of deliberate unawareness. It is when people do not know because they do not want to know. For if they did know then they would have to take responsibility for the knowledge; and, they would thereby be required to renegotiate their identity and to relinquish their status, privilege, and authority that are derived from the false order of knowledge. At the very least they would be compelled to leave their comfort zone. -

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Steve K: “You are saying that doctors have gone from saving lives and swearing to do no harm to essentially wanting to kill people by recommending the vaccine…?”

Me: Yes.

Steve pushed back on the idea that this is murder, because murder requires premeditation. Let’s refer to Britannica for definitions:

murder, in criminal law, the killing of one person by another that is not legally justified or excusable, usually distinguished from the crime of manslaughter by the element of malice aforethought (that’s the premeditation part). Common-law codes define murder as a homicide committed intentionally or as a result of the commission of another serious offense. By contrast, the crime of manslaughter includes killings that are the result of recklessness or violent emotional outbursts.

We are all observing a global crime scene that looks roughly like this:

An example of a hospital “covid death” case from attorney Todd Callender. I have spoken with many plaintiffs and attorneys, all of them highly credible, all have copious documentation of similar horrors witnessing a cold-blooded, SLOW torture and killing of their loved ones in a hospital. This continues TO THIS DAY. These CDC murder protocols are the “standard of care” today, with huge payouts to the murdering team and their employer, all over the US, including freedom loving places like Florida (Gov DeSantis? Dr. Ladapo? how is the grand jury going?):

One of the first cases [where] this happened [was] in Texas. There was a patient in ICU, in Baylor University’s Hospital. We got a Temporary Restraining Order in order for us to get an outside doctor to come in and give this person Ivermectin. Within the next day, the Hospital’s lawyers showed up and they threatened our Judge with the unauthorized practice of medicine. The TRO went away and our client was killed. How do I say killed? How do I know this? Because I have another case similar where my client went in, not for Covid. My client went in with an aneurysm. The client was nonetheless treated in the exact same format I’m telling you about: with the Midazolam, with the Remdesivir. They put him in the Covid ward. They never had Covid. But what they did, instead, was they they doped him up on morphine and fentanyl and a variety of a cocktail of drugs. I called the hospital’s lawyer and said, Listen, we want to move him to other care. And the hospital’s lawyer told me, No, your client is going to die in our hospital. This was his words.

So I called the Chief of Police, who already had a case with three felonies, alleged, and a case number. And I said, Chief, I want to do a health, safety and welfare check on my client in the hospital. They are not Covid-positive but they’re being treated in this fashion. No, I’m not going to go there, says the Chief. Why? The City Attorney told me that this is a civil matter and we’re not going to deal with this. I try and call the City Attorney’s office. No, they won’t talk to me. Go back to the hospital’s lawyer and I told him, I said, this is criminal and I’ll pursue this criminally. Too bad. It’s civil. Your client is going to die in our hospital.

I filed a criminal complaint with the FBI. No [...] they wouldn’t investigate it. And sure enough, our client died, in that hospital, from starvation. He weighed 78 pounds at the time of the autopsy. He was dehydrated. He was starved. He was high on fentanyl and morphine, and several other drugs that we did an autopsy on. We will be pursuing that case for the purpose of breaking up the immunities that are granted under the PREP Act, the CARE Act and the CMS Waiver Program, along with the same issues with the Covid mandates, the unity is so broad.

By the way, the payout to the murdering team and their employer is up to $500,000 per kill (in CA) including bonuses for use of remdesivir.

One recent story I was told by an attorney - her client was mugged and badly beaten, his wallet stolen, was picked up unconscious and taken to the hospital where he was assumed to be a homeless (and thus a fair game for killing) and put on the CDC murder protocol. Then, 7 days later, the hospital was unpleasantly surprised by his family showing up!

Some more good writing about this topic here.

I can go on for days listing the cases and victim stories, they all look very similar. Is this “premeditated or a result of commission of another serious offense”? Yes, it is. How about another serious offense was kidnapping, battery, and fake diagnosis with fake PCR test? Or use of an unapproved-as-medicine but known as poison that shuts down the kidneys - remdesivir, often after the victim expressly tells them not to, and often in people who have poor kidney function? And after they have done it a few times, for sweet sweet government cash, they continue doing this for 3 years. They had 3 whole years to think about what they are doing, read the scientific literature, court cases, be confronted by victims and bereaved families, and they CHOSE TO CONTINUE the killing. I think that covers the premeditation part.

This is not an isolated problem from a couple of rogue profiteers. Tom Renz apparently has audio recordings of hospital employees discussing killing of the patients in covid ward. This is for Ascension system which has 139 hospitals in 19 states. That is a story to watch. Covered very well here:

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Renz also states a lot of the killing was done by fake-credentialed hit teams of “out of state” doctors and nurses dispatched to various hospitals early in the “pandemic”. While for sure there is a lot of fake-credentialing used by the intelligence-defense machinery (Jordan Walker anyone?), the majority of hospital murders were committed by properly credentialed nice evil people.

I know Tom Renz’s is not a unique case, there are many other cases with similar evidence demonstrating large hospital systems all over the country know exactly what they are doing and are doing it willfully today. Note that while PREP Act technically does not exempt willful misconduct, the definition of that is going to be an uphill battle. Killing someone willfully with remdesivir is a covered activity, as long as you report it to the US Government within 7 days of the kill (from a Legal Opinion memo by HHS lawyers:


Same logic, financial scheme, illegal laws and pre-arranged liability waivers via PREP Act apply to every vaccine pusher out there. Here is HHS explaining to the participants of the murder cartel that they must precisely follow the orders so that no liability ever will fall on them. It was a license to commit genocide:

The genocide has continued for 3 years and is only subsiding because individuals are standing up and speaking out against this atrocity.

Final thought on this. Dear doctors, nurses, pharmacists, EMTs, hospital administrators and everyone who has taken part in genocide to date: once the cartel makes you commit mass murder in exchange for money and “protection from liability” as long as you accurately document the murders that you yourself committed and report them within 7 days - do you think they own you now?

Nice post on this topic by Jimychanga:

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