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Is it Murder? Is it Premeditated?

A question from my interview with Steve Kirsh, VSFR
Cross-post from Due Diligence and Art
I think the AMA monopoly doctors are victims of Premediated Ignorance - Premediated Ignorance is the quality or condition of deliberate unawareness. It is when people do not know because they do not want to know. For if they did know then they would have to take responsibility for the knowledge; and, they would thereby be required to renegotiate their identity and to relinquish their status, privilege, and authority that are derived from the false order of knowledge. At the very least they would be compelled to leave their comfort zone. -

Video clip courtesy of Sense Receptor News. Please visit this well-designed and informative website!

Steve K: “You are saying that doctors have gone from saving lives and swearing to do no harm to essentially wanting to kill people by recommending the vaccine…?”

Me: Yes.

Steve pushed back on the idea that this is murder, because murder requires premeditat…

Due Diligence and Art
Sasha Latypova